Hey, thanks for stopping by Tea Recipe!  We are tea fanatics, and I hope you can tell – and that’s why we love letting you know about all the cool things tea can do for you.

Who are we?

We are a tight night group of friends who can sip on tea for hours to discuss the meaning of life and how the world works.

Specifically, we are:

Larry Law

larry at play





Larry loves to live a vibrant and exciting life.  When he’s not exploring the secrets of life, he can be found exercising at the gym, meeting up with friends, dining with his amazing girlfriend. or just relaxing with an Oolong and a good marketing book.


Born in China, Larry mastered English quickly when he came to North America, and soon was a master seller at the local Best Buy.
Larry shares his time between Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, BC Canada.




Jack Sinclair

Marketing Wizard At Work




Jack provides the wizardry at Tea Recipe – making sure everything is kinda pretty, and helping connect the pieces to make the site a part of the global online community.

Born in Canada, Jack is a world traveller, having lived in Paris, France and Rome, Italy.  Currently he makes his home in Amsterdam.

Jack is the happy daddy to two beautiful kids, a wonderful wife, and when not furthering his marketing mastery, he’s playing lego or passing a soccer ball around in the park.





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