Iaso Tea

What Is Iaso Tea

Iaso tea calms the mind and soulIsao tea is a wonderful blend of tea that was designed to detoxify and purify the body.

 Iaso Tea is also a healing tea. Remarkable things happen when you drink Iaso Tea every day. It is gentle, yet surprisingly powerful as a colon cleanse, parasite cleanse, candida cleanse, blood purifier, and whole body detoxifier. It acts like a general health tonic and a home remedy for many ailments.

This is how Dr. Ben Miller, formulator of Iaso tea, describes his creation, as reported by this tea lover.Iaso Tea Benefits

Does the tea really as miraculous as it sound? Let’s find out by taking a quick look at the history of Iaso tea.

The Iaso tea inventor Dr. Bill W. Miller

graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the accredited Lambuth University, and shortly thereafter, began a quest in achieving personal optimum health and fitness. He founded and operated two prominent and successful health and Fitness Centers in the West Tennessee area. One of these centers was the largest of its kind in the Southeastern United States! He personally trained and produced several acclaimed State, National, and World Champion Professional Arm Wrestlers and Bodybuilders at these centers.

Dr. Miller feels it is absolutely reprehensible to deny health to the multitudes looking for something, anything at all to make them feel better. Why is the U.S. the leader in cancer and every other disease, when China has 1.5 billion healthy people, simply by drinking tea? Dr. Miller has a patented Tea. But not just any Tea will do for this genius of health. This Tea not only has an enzyme that works on the junk in the intestines, both large and small, but every organ in the body. Each organ is directly connected to the colon. This article is to state facts, and the choices. We have the choice to drink a marvelous Tea, which will provide us with health and clarity and a new outlook on life, or look forward to every kind of illness one can imagine.

Iaso Tea Ingredients

Darlene is enthusiastic about Iaso Tea’s Ingredients. She wrote about that this impressive cleansing tea consists of a special blend of safe, natural, edible herbs: Holy Thistle, Persimmon leaves, Malva Leaves, Marsh Mallow, Blessed Thistle, Papaya, Ginger, Chamomile, and Myrrh.

It is the special blend of herbs that helps with the gentle cleansing of the whole body with continued use. Most of the enzymes that used to be in our food to give us colon health have been destroyed with modern food processing and pasteurization of dairy products. Now we can get back to enjoying colon health!

Iaso Tea Benefit

Maryanne and her team will tell you what Iaso tea can do for your health benefit. Iaso tea is a very good option for improving colon health, which benefically affects the entire body, especialy the health of your digestive system. 

Many who have constipation, bloating, indigestion, liver, kidney, lung issues, acid reflux symptoms, candida and gastro-intestinal ditresss often see improvement within the first few days. Everyone gets parasites at some point in their life, which often goes unnoticed, as they can live anywhere in the body, including the blood. Worms multiply in the intestines and then spread to the lungs, brain and other organs affecting our overall health. As the colon and small intestines, are cleansed, the ability of the small intestine to absorb nutrients starts improving. At the same time you are reducing the burden on the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, lungs etc.

She also described how Iaso tea made her life easier.

I took supplements and ate organic food for many, many years, without feeling any better. Once I understood why nothing was working, I began an intensive detoxification program, cleansing parasites, candida, cancer cells, unfriendly bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins as quickly as I could. I would have spent thousands of dollars less if the Iaso tea and the Red Desert® clay had been available. However, I learned a tremendous amount on my journey, so nothing was lost in the process.

As I removed the toxins from my body over the months, I began to respond positively since the nutrients from food and supplements were now able to reach my cells and begin re-nourishing my body.

The Iaso Tea does not detox everything from the body. No one product will. When you read that Iaso tea is a whole body detoxifier, this means it has a positive effect on the entire body, not that it will remove every kind of toxin…HOWEVER…Parasistes travel throughout the entire body and live in many different organs including the blood, causing numerous unexplainable symptoms. You may find it quite helpful to add the Iaso tea to your regime for a month or so – some take it every day.

Since Iaso Tea is a health choice to have, how to make, and how often should we take it?

Quintanonatural shows a simple way to do it:

  • Preparation bring 4 cups of 8oz to a full rolling boil remove from heat
  • place 2 tea bags in the boiling water and  cover, let steep for a 8 Hrs.
  • add 10 cups of 8 oz of water to make 1 gallon of tea.
  • add sweetner or lemon for desired taste refrigerate.


  • Drink ( 8 oz ) of glass tea with lunch
  • Drink  (8 oz ) of glass tea with dinner

Drink  (4 oz ) of glass tea before 9 p.m with snacks.

This “Miracle Tea” does sound miraculous with its organic ingredients and all the benefits like colon cleanse and helping people lose weight. I am going to make a cup of Iaso Tea now!