Lady Grey Tea

Well, please allow me to start with a cool story of Lady Grey Tea. I over- heart this one Sunday morning when I was jogging around a tea store hunting for a new tea to add some surprise into my Sunday afternoon tea time with my friends. “How about this Tea my love?” a mom stood beside me said to her son. “No, mom! Can’t you read it? It has ‘lady grey tea’ on the box. It’s for ladies! I am a man!” the little boy spoke to his mom with a delightful smirk face. That’s right – I ended up tasting the Lady Grey Tea that afternoon and absolutely love it for its gentle taste till today! And if you want to know what this tea is about, follow me along!

History Of Lady Grey Tea

Lady Grey Tea enthusiast Harry illustrated to us that

The company had realised that Earl Grey, the distinctive tea infused with the oil of the bergamot orange, was too strong for Nordic palates and not selling well. So it launched a subtler flavour, using a small amount of citrus flavouring, first going on sale in Norway in 1994 and in Britain in 1996.

The brand – consciously echoing the Earl Grey name, and complete with an endorsement from the current Earl – is owned by Twinings. The company is part of the Associated British Foods Empire, which also owns Kingsmill bread and Primark, the discount clothing retailer.

Earl Grey, in contrast, is not the result of a brainstorming session by marketing men. Rather, it really is a tea with historic origins, stretching back to the second Earl, the great reforming prime minister of the 1830s and author of the Reform Bill of 1832.

Now if you are a tea lover like me, you will want to know what benefits the Lady Grey Tea has to offer and also its side effects. Let’s get into it!

Health Benefits Of Lady Grey Tea

As Lady Grey Tea drinker Barbara said, Lady Grey Tea has the following health benefits.


One of the most important antioxidants in black tea is theaflavin, which scavenge abnormal cellular bodies, ridding the body of these abnormal cells before they mutate and become cancerous. Theaflavins are also responsible for inhibiting oxidation, particularly of Beneficial Cardiovascular Effects

Drinkers who enjoy black tea regularly may benefit, especially if they already have cardiovascular disease. Because the theaflavins stop oxidation of LDL cholesterol, this effect helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.
Drinking black tea may help heart attack patients by increasing their rate of survival following a heart attack.
Black tea improves the ability of the blood vessels in the body to relax and expand, thus helping consumers maintain a healthier blood pressure. Black tea also contains a molecule called a catechin, which produces nitric oxide, helping the blood vessels in the body to dilate.

Deactivates Viruses

New research finds that drinking black tea can help to neutralize the virus that causes herpes. Researchers have known that black tea can render the germs that cause diarrhea, skin infections, pneumonia, cystitis and skin infections. Tea drinkers can kill viruses lurking in their mouths.

Don’t you love this trick? I sometimes lurk tea in my mouth too to kill germs after a meal if I don’t have “dental floss” with me!

Lady Grey Tea Side Effects

All the health benefits of Lady Grey Tea sound great. However, you might want to watch out for its side effects as well.

Tea expert Jennifer informed us to look out for the following things before you have this tea.


The Lady Grey Tea contains about caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that induces anxiety and — at higher levels — heart palpitations in some individuals. The sedative effect of benzodiazepines such as lorazepam is reduced by caffeine consumption.

Increased Blood Pressure

Those who have high blood pressure should consider the effect caffeine may have on them before drinking this tea. Dr. Sheldon Sheps of Mayo Clinic says that 200 mg caffeine can raise blood pressure by 3 mm Hg to 14 mg Hg in sensitive individuals. Caffeine can also counteract the effect of beta blockers taken for high blood pressure, negating their effect. Conversely, phenylpropanolamine found in cough medicine, cold medicine and weight loss medications combined with caffeine increases blood pressure. To see if you are sensitive to caffeine, Dr. Shep recommends having your blood pressure taken before and 30 minutes after you consume caffeine.

Caffeine and interact with monoamine oxidase inhibitors — anti-depressant medications — causing an episode of very high blood pressure or hypertensive crisis that requires emergency medical care.

Now that we know both the benefits and side effects of Lady Grey Tea, here’s the best way to brew it!

How To Brew A Perfect Cup Of Lady Grey Tea

Tea master from the Twinings tea company revealed the way to brew a perfect cup of this Tea!

The golden rules:

Tea loves oxygen it helps the flavour develop, so always use freshly drawn cold water in the kettle.

Make sure your pot is clean.

Warm the pot by swirling a small amount of boiled water in it.

One teaspoon of loose tea per person and one teaspoon for the pot is about right, but add as much or as little to make it to the strength you like.

Some people believe that sugar masks the flavours in tea. Why not try a fruit tea if you prefer a sweeter taste? A tea cosy extends the brewing time and can make the tea bitter and stewed. A removable infuser or teabags can help to get round this problem.

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If you are used to drinking  Rosehip TeaEssiac Tea, or Tulsi Tea and looking for something new, try a cup of Lady Grey Tea!