Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea

Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea is easy to make, awesome to drink, and great for health. Other than that, would you like to know a delicious Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea recipe that triples the benefits from this tea? Shhh… what I am going to share with you is some high level ninja stuff! Here it goes!

Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea – The Ninja Recipe

There are three ingredients you will need to pull off making this ninja tea besides having the Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea ready – Coconut Oil, Almond Milk, and Stevia. In case you are curious about why we put all these ingredients together, let us take a look that all the health benefits of the four.

Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea – Benefits of Pu-erh Tuo Cha

Let’s start with the benefits of Pu-erh Tuo Cha. As the expert of a Pu-erh Tuo Cha company describes,

A Natural Beverage for your Beauty and Health, Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea was proved to be an efficacious beverage with the functions of eliminating fat, reducing weight, strengthening body and lengthening longevity by specialists at a conference about Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea tea held in Pairs. An experiment showed that patients lost a quarter of the blood-lipid respectively, while those drinking other kinds of teas of the same quantity showed no change in their blood-lipid content in one month. Moreover, the result another experiment indicated Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea contains one or several kinds of unknown substances which when dissolve in water, the resultant solution is efficacious in stimulating metabolism, and balancing and regulating the level of cholesterol. Besides, it causes no side effects. It is also highly reputed as ‘ slimming tea’, ‘beauty tea’ and ‘healthy tea’ in more than twenty countries and regions including France, Spain, Japan, Hong Kong and so on.

So, what is the role of Coconut Oil playing in this recipe?

Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea – Benefits of Coconut Oil

Below are the health benefits of Coconut Oil shared by blogger Charles:


This is one fat that diabetics can eat without fear. Not only does it not contribute to diabetes, but it helps regulate blood sugar, thus lessening the effects of the disease. 

Bone and Dental Health

Coconut Oil improves calcium and magnesium absorption in the body, which in turn is greatly beneficial to dental and bone health.

A Good Saturated Fat

You may ask, isn’t Coconut Oil a saturated fat? And aren’t saturated fats harmful? Yes, Coconut Oil consists of 90% saturated fats. But whether or not saturated fats are harmful depends on who you ask. Among mainstream nutritionists, the idea that saturated fats cause heart disease is an “absolute truth” that is never questioned. Those who question this belief, however, point out that mankind has been consuming mainly saturated fats – in the form of butter, lard, Coconut Oil, etc – for thousands of years, yet heart disease was rare before the 1920s. If anything, the rise of heart disease in recent decades may correspond to the increasing use of polyunsaturated vegetable oils like corn, safflower and canola, as well as margarine.

Are you getting excited? More cool news is coming along!

Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea – Benefits of Almond Milk

I love Almond Milk! And you are going to love it when you add some to your Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea! As Almond Milk lover Stacey illustrated,

some of the nutritional aspects of Almond Milk include:

    • Almond Milk is a good natural source of magnesium, potassium, manganese, selenium and vitamin E — nutrients that aid metabolism, bone health, heart function, immune and reproductive function.
    • If you buy Almond Milk that has been enriched or fortified, it is a good replacement for cow’s milk in terms of calcium and vitamin D content.
    • The fat in Almond Milk is unsaturated and free of cholesterol — and unsaturated fats have been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease.
    • 8 oz (237ml) of Almond Milk contains approximately 70 calories, 2gm protein, 10gm carbohydrates and 2.5 gm fat.

Improve metabolism, bone health, heart function and reproductive function, what can we ask for more! Well, check out our last member of the ninja recipe.

Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea – Benefits of Stevia

Stevia is one of the amazing plants that does good to the body both inside and outside.  James, the Stevia enthusiast says that

Stevia is one of the most health restoring plants on earth. Native to Paraguay, it is a small green plant bearing leaves which have a delicious and refreshing taste that can be 30 times sweeter than sugar. Besides the intensely sweet glycosides, various studies have found the leaf to contain proteins, fiber, carbohydrates, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, rutin (a flavonoid), true vitamin A, Vitamin C and an oil which contains 53 other constituents. Some of Stevia’s  health benefits include weight loss and weight management because it contains no calories and reduces one’s craving for sweets and fatty foods.

Other benefits of adding Stevia to the daily diet include improved digestion and gastrointestinal function, soothed upset stomachs and quicker recovery’ from minor illness. Users have also reported that drinking Stevia tea or Stevia enhanced teas helped to reduce their desire for tobacco and alcoholic beverages.

And here you go! By adding one teaspoon of Coconut Oil, a little Almond Milk and Stevia, you can not only enjoy the fantastic taste of the Pu-erh Tuo Cha Tea, but also all the health benefits of the ingredients combined; it surely makes a cup of Earl Grey Tea look dull!