Secrets To Make Kombucha

Want the secrets of making store quality kombucha from your home?

Measure the amounts for the right flavor and kombucha result

We scoured the web and found a clear and to the point introduction of kombucha brewing, complete with scoby tips and all the sugar and tea ratios you need.

If you’d like a complete one stop package for everything you need, I recommend the kombucha store kit on Amazon, since it has the clear easy directions, the glass jar for making it, the scoby, the sugars, the tea, the test gear, and all the little things that make it a snap to brew your kombucha at home.

Here’s a picture of what the kombucha shop kit looks like:

Kombucha all in one complete kit with everything you need in one package.
The Kombucha Shop has the best selling Kombucha starter kit in the market
Measure your Kombucha batch

Kombucha Scoby Reuse

Yes, the scoby lasts forever practically, so slice and dice it if you wish to create multiple batches and such. It does tend to grow in size, so you’ll want to consider that as your brew batches grow in size.

Kombucha is such a healthy drink, so brew and enjoy each week, and watch your health percolate.

You Can Do a Batch Each Week

Sterilize Completely For Safe Kombucha

Be sure everything is clean and ready for kombucha production

With the sugar involved, you want to make sure no bad bacteria or bugs get into anything, so be sure to clean everything out completely and sterilize and have it ready for next time. In particular, the bottles used for storage of kombucha.

Another Perspective on Kombucha

Here’s another view of making the kombucha from the scoby and brewed tea:

Let us know how your first batch goes, and if it tastes as good as you hoped.