Tetley Tea

Tetley Tea is one of the most popular teas nowadays. Whether you enjoy Green Tea, Black Tea, or Herbal Tea, Tetley Tea has its places for all!

Do you know that Tetley Tea has a history of more than a hundred year old? If you are keen about drinking tea, you might also want to know what health benefits Tetley Tea has to offer. Without further due, let’s find out how did Tetley Tea started!

What Is Tetley Tea

How did Tetley tea start?

As a Tetley Tea fan describes,

the company was founded in 1837 by brothers Joseph and Edward Tetley. The brothers parted sometime later leaving Joseph as the sole proprietor of the tea company which he later named “Joseph Tetley & Co., Wholesale Tea Dealers”.

In 1871, Joseph Tetley brought his son Joseph Tetley Junior into his partnership, and later died in 1889.

Tetley Junior continued his father’s successful tea business opening multiple plants in America. And after the Second World War, Tetley’s small tea bag products became a well-known commodity.

Today, Tetley tea is one of America’s favourite tea products for brewing both hot and iced teas. Their products are sold in almost every supermarket in the United States.

Besides black tea, Tetley also offers green, herbal, and decaffeinated teas as well.

Well, I am certainly glad that this awesome tea company survived after the world war so that we can enjoy all the benefits Tetley Tea brings to us!

Tetley Tea Nutrition

Thanks to Anne, the Tetley Tea expert that reveals to us the health benefits of this Tea.

Antioxidants and Health Benefits

Green tea and black tea both contain antioxidants, although the specific compounds and quantities differ between the types of tea. Tetley’s Classic Blend tea contains 156 mg of antioxidants per cup, while the decaffeinated Classic Blend has 90 mg of antioxidants per cup of tea. There are 160 mg of antioxidants in the regular Pure Green tea and 48 mg of antioxidants in the green decaffeinated blend. The British Blend has 200 mg of antioxidants per cup, while the British Blend Decaffeinated contains 90 mg of antioxidants per cup. According to Tetley, there are more than three times more antioxidants in a cup of British Blend tea than in a serving of orange juice. Research gathered by the Tea Association of the United States of America indicates the antioxidant flavonoids and other compounds in tea may help prevent osteoporosis, dental caries, stroke, heart attack, kidney stones and certain types of cancer.

Isn’t it awesome? Even the decaffeinated Tetley Tea contains 90mg of antioxidants per cup! In other words, you can still enjoy a cup of Tetley Tea before bed if you want to skip the caffeine and gain just the antioxidants!

So some people might ask, “What is the difference between Green Tea and Black Tea”? Read on!

Tetley Tea – What Is The Difference Between Green Tea and Black Tea

One Tetley Tea lover illustrates that

Green tea and black tea both come from the same plant – camellia sinensis. After tea is plucked the leaf is left to whither in order to become soft and malleable prior to cutting. The cutting process releases enzymes and exposes the tea to oxidation. With black tea, this oxidation is allowed to continue until the leaf is brown before it is ‘fired’ in an oven to stop the fermentation process. Green tea will have little or none of this fermentation which is why it remains green.

Now that we know the difference between Green Tea and Black Tea, accompany with all the health benefits of drinking Tetley Tea; are you ready to brew a perfect cup?

How To Make A Perfect Cup Of Tetley Tea

Let’s look what awesome recipe Chez and the group of his tea enthusiasts share with us!


A Tetley Tea Bag

Sugar (optional)

Milk (optional)



First you need your Favorite mug. Boil the Kettle and Get a Tea Bag out and in the cup. Once the Kettle has boiled pour in the Water and let you Tea brew (leave it in until your favorite strength).

With a Teaspoon add an amount of sugar (If you don’t like sugar don’t add any).

Then take the tea bag out and add some milk (If you don’t use milk you could maybe use some water to cool it down).

Enjoy you cup of Tetley Tea!


Try not making a mess so you don’t have to clear up after your tea.

Put the Tea Bags in a container when they are wet or put them in the bin.


The Kettle will be VERY HOT after it has boiled so be careful.

Things You’ll Need

A cup or mug

A Kettle

Isn’t it simple and easy? I personally like the original taste of Tetley Tea without putting milk and sugar in it. However, make a Tetley Tea your own way and enjoy it!