Wu Yi Tea

“What a delicious cup of Wu Yi Tea! One more please!” That is what my friends usually mention when they are partying in my place. Why would they say that? Because Wu Yi Tea has a beautiful aroma and a sweet after-taste! Moreover, Wu Yi Tea has many amazing health benefits! On weekdays, I consume Wu Yi Tea once a day. On the weekend, oh gosh! I don’t even know how many cups of Wu Yi Tea I have! Well, let’s check out where this Wu Yi Tea comes from.

Wu Yi Tea History

One Wu Yi Tea lover from Seven Cups tea shop told us the interesting history of Wu Yi Tea.Wu Yi Tea Benefits

Wu Yi Shan has a long history of producing famous tea. Nothern Fujian ascended to fame as the foremost tribute tea producing region during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD) when the fields and factories of  the region were recognized as the producer of the nation’s best quality tea and hosted the epicenter of the government controlled tea industry. During the Song, all tea was essentially green tea that was compressed into cakes during its manufacture. The compressed tea from Wu Yi Shan was so sought after that it was renowned to be worth more than its weight in gold.

The arrival of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD) forced Wu Yi’s craftsmen to change the way they made tea from the compressed form to the loose-leaf form we recognize today. 

I personally love Yan Cha – a type of Wu Yi Tea a lot and usually brew it in the very Chinese traditional way to bring out its full-body flavour. So let’s see what healthy benefits this ancient tea has to offer.

Wu Yi Tea Benefits

Study after study has shown the myriad of health benefits.  The researcher from the Wu Yi Tea company illustrates the benefits of drinking Wu-Yi  Tea has been known to help with:

  • Weight Loss
  • Cholesterol
  • Energy and Metabolism
  • Prevention of heart disease and strokes
  • Fighting the aging process
  • Preventing Cancer and help with infections
  • Promoting healthy bones and skin
  • Reducing the effects stress has on the body
  • Reduce the effects of hypertension
  • Reduce the effects of Type II Diabetes. 

Wu-Yi Tea is high in polyphenols. There is a vast amount of studies that have been conducted explain the relationship between the antioxidants in tea and your health, and more and more studies are coming out each day with even more exciting evidence.  

Want to know a fun belief that some minority of traditional Chinese held? They used to believe that good stuff usually tastes not as delicious and tasty food normally does not have much nutrition. Well, as you can see, Wu Yi Tea has many health benefits and it taste fantastic!

Although, there are some potential side effects you might want to watch out for.

Wu Yi Tea Side Effects

Debby, publisher from Ehow reveals that Wu Yi Tea has the following potential side effects.

Side Effect of Unwanted Weight Loss

    • Depending on the person, the side effects could be life-threatening. Those who use Wu-Yi Tea may experience undesired weight loss and a dangerously high rate of metabolism. Since it is a natural diuretic, consuming more than the recommended two cups per day can cause dehydration. Potassium levels may drop to a dangerously low level.
    • Anyone who has an adverse reaction to caffeine should avoid Wu-Yi Tea. Too much caffeine can cause resistance to insulin for diabetics. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not use Wu-Yi Tea. Anyone with kidney disease or stomach ulcers should avoid the use of this tea.
    • People who use it as a diet aid should consult their doctors first.

I thought this could be good news for people who want to drop some pounds! I don’t mind shed off some of my body-fat at all! In fact, if you are calling your best friend for a cup of tea right now, let me share with you a way to brew the perfect cup of Wu Yi Tea!

How To Make A Perfect Cup Of Wu Yi Tea

Anne, a Wu Yi Tea expert will show you how to make a perfect cup of Wu Yi Tea right here.

Follow the procedures below to brew Wu Yi Tea to its best.

1.) Bring spring water to boil and keep it boiling.

2.) Use a small teapot (We use a 200 ml or 7 oz teapot here).

3.) Apply hot water inside and over the teapot to warm it up. Discard all water.
This is to bring up the temperature of the teapot. So, the heat of the brewing hot water is for brew.

4.) Put 1/2 oz or so ( about 3 teaspoons ) of Wu Yi Tea into the teapot ( or based on personal preference.It could take approximately vary from 10% to 20% of space in the teapot) . 

5.)Add boiling water and discard this pre-brew water right-a-way. This is to wash away the fine tea leaves and bring the tea leaves to brewing temperature.

6.) Top off the teapot with hot water to brew. First brew should be about 70 seconds. Pour brewed tea to a water pitcher or something similar for transfer to tea cups for drinking. First brew is the best for you to experience the aroma.

7.) Enjoy the tea while it is hot smell the aroma of the cover. Observe the color of the liquor.and then sip.

The best tea is from second and third brews. The brewing time should gradually increase by the 15-second interval to 120 seconds for the sixth brew. Much longer brewing time is required for the 7th and 8th (3 minutes) brew, if the 7th or 8th brews are not too light to drink.

 After all, Wu Yi Tea is a delicious drink pack of health benefits. If you Tea Chest has stocks of Oolong Tea, Lemon Balm Tea, Fennel Tea, and other teas already, include Wu Yi Tea, you would love it!